Ugh. Redux.

My skin burns.

I’m so cold I’m shaking.

My fancy digital thermometer I think just gave up the ghost so I dont know if I have a fever or not, which would determine if I’m contageous (right?) and could still go to school today.

I dont have class till 3:30 so there are some minutes to figure this out.

Holy shit, how could I be feeling fine on Sunday, mildly sinus-y by Monday, then by the time I get home Monday night I’m done. Tuesday, Wednesday…I need this to be OVER.

I am not a good patient.

4 thoughts on “Ugh. Redux.

  1. đŸ˜¦
    I had the funk a few weeks back……. It just appears and fucks with life.
    Sleep and fluids… all the stuff you know
    I’m sure coming off the recent medical bill shock makes you wanna forgo the doc, but if you feel worse tomorrow, just do it.
    I resorted to drugstore cold meds and caffeinated tea and felt like a party for 3 days… a sneezey, coughy, achy party.



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