i’m alive.

fever was 101.7-102.8 yesterday but finally broke last night. sweaty messy uck.

much love to Kathy who brought soup and a new thermometer to drop on my porch while she was out yesterday. it saved my life to be sure.

i’m going to go in to the salon and do two clients this afternoon then come home. I feel fine, weak, and a cough that is so severe it burns in the middle of my bosoms, but I think a hot shower and some protein will help that. class today is just going over assigned readings, and our professor is away at a conference. so I’ve sent an email and will just promise everyone to be a better student and stylist and friend next week.

i wish i felt good enough to do laundry. I went through eleventy million pieces of clothing yesterday. too cold. too sweaty. coughing juice everywhere. ugh. so that’s piled up. the dishes are stacked in the sink. I feel like this house needs airing out and cleansing. it’s supposed to be 80 degrees today, maybe that can happen a little.

in other news it’s Pseudo Sis 2’s birthday. What a year she’s just had. I can’t wait to see what adventures come her way this year. All good things I wish for you my dear. All good things.

That’s it for me, ya’ll. I need more hot tea and I need to stand in a hot scalding shower. I’m so gross the cats are on the other couch.


2 thoughts on “alive.

  1. Happy Birthday to the Pseudo Sis 2! It’s all up hill from here Misti. Sending extra healing thoughts in your direction to boost the immune system.


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