annoyed and semi-productive

I tried.

I did try. I got up, took a shower, began to get ready and almost passed out.


I figured that it would be better to not collapse while doing my client’s hair, even though she is a best good friend…she might not want her bangs that way.

So. I called the salon and moved my appointments.

I’m so tired of being off schedule. I’m tired of being sick, running temperature, coughing to the point that I pee my pants. Don’t laugh assholes. It’s happened. More than twice. I’m sick of not being able to stay ahead with school, I feel like I’ve skated by this semester and am not doing my best. I feel like my clients are getting annoyed with me, and the time that I’ve taken off thus far.

I’m cranky. I’m ready to feel better and get back to living.

Today, while it was a balmy 70 something degrees outside, I did do some preliminary work on a paper that’s due next week. If I do it right, I will have successfully merged William Blake, Bull Durham, and three specific characters from 18th Century British Literature. We’ll see.

I also watched Sense & Sensibility.

I’ve never seen it before.

Any version.

I’ve never read any Jane Austen before.

Seriously. quit making that face. I can see you. and yeah yeah I know. English major. bla bla bla. It is what it is, ok?

The movie was lovely. I fell more in love with Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman than I thought possible.

I also filled out the paperwork to apply for a scholarship given by my hometown’s education foundation.  I have to get a two tiny bits of information and then it will be ready to mail tomorrow.

I learned today, that I will know by March 9th, if my submission to this  gets passed on to the second round of auditions. It was spur of the moment, prompted by Kizz, edited by Guyser and sent in in the final hour. So…we’ll see.

I started watching Luther. Good grief, but does the BBC do NOTHING WRONG?

It’s a mini-series. The first two are on Netflix right now with a third to air on BBC this year sometime. Sweet merciful manly accent solving the crimes…sigh.

I also decided today, while generally feeling sad and sorry for myself, and seeing all the great things happening to my friends, vacations, money, generally living without much stress…I decided that I am the American version of this guy:

the guy who finds love in america


I think I need to figure out a way to get across the pond.

They have doctorate programs there…right? I could do that. I could.

4 thoughts on “annoyed and semi-productive

  1. Hey Misti, you might want to check and see if there is a chapter of AAUW (American Assoc. of University Women) near you. They sometimes give scholarships to women returning to college after having worked for a while. They aren’t usually big scholarships, but $$ is $$. I know our chapter in Duncan usu. finds some non-member to support. You might also check out AAUW’s website for scholarship info.


  2. Awe Misti. I hate that you’re sick and feeling overall awful. Let the funk roll on and out. Your clients love you and they understand. I promise they do. Also, I have a feeling that you could probably get by really well this semester with little effort. Because I know that your idea of effort is still greater than any one of your fellow classmates.

    Persuasion is my favorite Jane Austin novel.


    1. well, right now I’m blaming all my pity party on Jane. But I will shake it off. It’s a new day. The sun is out. Time is not to be wasted. So…onwards and upwards, eh? one foot in front of the other. one car length a head, just a mile or two faster. forward motion.


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