You Know What I Love?

I love that when I get my ass twisted all sideways and knotted up, that I can throw it out there. I can put it out there with my squishy crying face that makes Renee Zellweger look normal, and you guys will just take it. You’ll text me back. You’ll leave a comment. You’ll “like” something.

And the more that I put it out there, the less that I gunnysack it, the less hold it has until suddenly, we’re all laughing at the absurdity and moving on with the day.

I went to sleep with the coughing that hurt my ribs and burned my throat. I used an inhaler and drained the last of the nyquil. (I’ve never actually drained a bottle of nyquil in one sick spell before) and had a small meltdown upon going to sleep. I was thinking of Chris. It comes and goes. For all of us, I’m sure. But last night, it was my turn. I’ll blame a lot of it on the fact that I haven’t had human contact in days and have been hopped up on OTC meds as well and Kikimama has decided to pee on whatever clothing I leave in the floor and I cannot for the life of me get Sammy to refill my damned coffee cup.

But this morning, I was awakened via text messages that told me my friends are in love. Multiple friends. Deserving, absolutely nothing but the best in life, these friends. Happiness abounds! And then I started coughing, and then I picked up my shorts to put on and they had pee on them, and then I kept coughing and started to pee myself, and then I went to make my coffee and it was from the can that we emptied out to put Chris in…

and I lost it.

Just fucking dropped my basket.

But in a nanosecond I had support from my phone coming through, and I’m blaming most of my mood on Sense & Sensibility from yesterday when I get this:

“Jane Austen was a dumb bitch. You cannot tell me otherwise”

I laughed so hard and then sneezed all over my keyboard.

That. Right there.

That’s what I love.

Is it friday? I can never remember if we’re thankful today or if we love today. Cindy keeps me in line with that.

Whatever it is…Love Friday/Thankful Thursday/WTFDAYISIT?…

I hope you laugh today. And if you can do it without sneezing or coughing to the point that a little tee tee comes out?

All the better, my friend! All the better!

7 thoughts on “You Know What I Love?

  1. One day, when I think you’re ready, I’ll tell you about a notebook I found in Chris’s office. We can laugh and cry together. I love you.


  2. Glad you are feeling slightly better.
    ” and then I went to make my coffee and it was from the can that we emptied out to put Chris in…” makes it sound like you are making coffee from Chris’s remains. Cannibal!


  3. If anyone knows how laughter is the best medicine, it’s you. Being sick like you have been is polarizing. So polarizing and lonely and absolutely depressing. So cut off from humanity. I hope the clients you have today are friends that will make you laugh and help nudge you forward. I hope you can find the perfect line between enjoying some time out of the house amongst the living and not overdoing it today. LOVE!!!


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