Yesterday was the most gorgeously perfect day we’ve had all year. Upper 70’s, clear skys, just beautiful. I stayed inside all day long. I would have loved a bike ride, or a walk or to finally get my seeds and onions planted…but I’m still coughing to the point that I get woozy and the thought of being outside, and having my allergies kick up again…I stayed inside all day long.

I wrote my midterm essay for British Lit. We don’t have an exam in this class, so this essay carries more weight than a normal reader response paper. I feel pretty good about it and I got it sent to my professor for notes with time to get it back and revise it before it’s due Wednesday. He’s the most graceious being. He really is an advocate for the student. He’s got the most generous heart. I have such appreciation for this man, and for his brain and his ability as an educator. Once I finally figure out my thesis topic, I’m going to ask him to be on my committee.

In the middle of writing, I got an email that made me a little giddy…

That piece that I submitted for performance in the Listen To Your Mother open mic? Well, I got passed along to the second round of auditions. I go to Fayetteville on the 17th for a live audition. I have to admit, I’m excited. It was a last minute thing, totally copying off of Kizz and then begging for editing from Guyser, and while it means some trips to Arkansas, it’s 40 minutes away from my family and…well…my writing has been passed on to the second round of auditions!!!!! I’m excited. Feels good.

Feels good to be finished with the paper early, feels good to have things falling into place.

I’m checking things off of my list.

I have an entire guest bed full of clean laundry. (Assuming Stormy isn’t sprawled out right in the middle of it) I need to get that together. This morning, I need to go mail my scholarship application, get some food in the crockpot for the week, do some banking and pay bills. Last week was just a write off, so I’ve got catching up to do. I’m ready to feel better, ready to get back to life.

Happy Monday, ya’ll.

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