My Fitzgerald/Hemengway class is making me absolutely nuts.

We rarely touch on the actual literature itself. We listen to the teacher talk about his fancy life interviewing movie stars, he goes off on tangents and rarely circles back.

I have already written this class off as a “well at least I’ve read some of their works” kind of thing.

Sorely disapointed.

Our “research project” was assigned a few weeks ago. He had a list of topics and read them out one by one and we raised our hands to pick. Not knowing the full list. Just kind of willy nilly, I’ll take that one…ugh.

I chose Zelda’s Art.

Seemed to be an easily accessible topic, right?

Mmmmmmm not so much. I know I’ve only just started looking, but the book that I apparently need, NO ONE HAS. Not the metro library systen, certainly not the university library. I can’t change my topic, I’ve already asked.  Im not going to buy the book, I’m not interested enough to have it on my shelf right now.


Just annoyed and needed to vent.

I had really high hopes for this class.

2 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. I hate when a class you sign up for does not meet expectations. It always feels like a waste of money, not to mention time. But that professor?!? Holy Cow. I want you to do a Story Core or a This American Life episode on that guy.


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