Previously Scheduled Time

This was originally the weekend that Chrome was going to fly into KCMO and we were to gather at the house and soak up some time with Chris and Cindy.  .  .

It seems strange, the previously scheduled plans, and knowing now what we know about time and it’s infinite finite-ness.

I kept the time blocked on my schedule at work and am going to hit the road for a night of live music with Trish. We’re heading to Denton to see The Mountain Goats and whoever else is playing. Back tomorrow to work on my big giant annotated bibliography that is due Wednesday. I’m thankful for this quick little getaway. I’m thankful that I feel alive and well and get to do it.

Last night I did a spur of the moment sit in on some comedy. My sweet friends are so talented and I miss them. I miss being a part of the audience where they make me laugh and feel good.

I spoke my urgent need to have some quality time to one of the guys and his reply was:

“I am scared to death that I’ll miss my chance to be with the people I love the most because I’m doing things that don’t matter with people who also don’t matter. Let’s be aware and make some sweet ass memories!”

I totally get that. One hundred percent.

So, I know I’ve got to balance some finances and get more working done at the salon, I know I’ve got to get some real progress made on the assignments that are rapidly coming due, but for tonight, I’m going to back my car, pick up my friend and get away.

Yeah yeah, life is SO BUSY. and I’m SO TIRED. We all are. We are. But for me, I gain energy and light by scheduling time and making things a priority. Which, when I fail at planning, or my homework has to come first and I have to back out on plans, or when I get so sick I can’t get out and play…it makes me crazy with the awful guilty fatigue.

So, on the moments that I DO actually get it right? I can get the car loaded get some time away with friends who lift me up, get back in time to keep my other life functioning?

You bet your ass I’m going to do it.

I’m not going to spend the rest of my days, scheduled or not, bemoaning the fact that I need more time. I mean, we all do, right? But we get what we get. It’s finite and absolutely not guaranteed.

I hope that you get some time this weekend, to spend with friends and people you love, or to snuggle down by yourself and have some quiet…whatever you do be aware of it. Use it wisely.

Happy Friday, ya’ll

4 thoughts on “Previously Scheduled Time

    1. Cindylouhoo, I’d be there in a heartbeat but it’s my live audition in Fayetteville. So. I’ma soak up some time with those crazy boys who are having birthdays and try to convince some strangers to cast me in a show. It’s time for a trip to KCMO. soon…

      and yes, this concert was AH-MAZE-ING. Lots of quirky random happenings and sights. Lots of laughing. I’m full up.


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