In Love

So, my eyes are all gunky. I know it’s because I had cats loving all over me, Stormy especially, and then I rubbed my face like crazy. But they are especially itchy and gunky, and I’m wearing my glasses for awhile. If It doesn’t get better, I’ll hit the clinic on campus again…

But because of my gunky, itchy eyes, I didn’t go to church when M’Lynn text me about it this morning. I slept in. And lost an hour. SO my morning wasn’t productive whatsoever. I did get up and make some coffee and do the dishes and vacuumed the house and organized my books and backpack and hit the library to work on this big ole annotated bibliography that’s due on Wednesday.

As I sat at the table, surrounded by books, researching more leads, listening to my brain whirr and spin at what I’m potentially going to write my final paper over, I was overcome with the most amazing sense of peace and of love. One of those moments when there wasn’t any other stress, I wasn’t worried about bills or money. No nagging voices about who I need to spend some time with, and who I’m letting down. No worries about future commitments and a month that is already so packed with other things, concerts, bartending shifts, travels, birthdays, and due dates that I get a little anxiety when I see the calendar.

Just peace.

And I knew I was in the right place.

And that feeling, and sense of accomplishment over an assignment that is complete was just what I needed. It fills the spaces left empty by the other stuff that gnaws it’s way through my life.

Hope you have a moment of two like that in you future.

2 thoughts on “In Love

  1. I’m proud of you, but not for going back to Grad school. I’m proud of you for sticking to your guns and traveling down a path of happy. You are the most awesome.

    I keep a bottle of Similasen Allergy eye drops at home and work. It seems to help with the itchy eyes. I don’t know how this works with contacts though.


    1. is it an otc drop? I dont wear contacts when my eyes flair up like this so that wouldn’t really matter…I’ll check at the pharmacy today. Love you right back! xoxo


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