Blame it on the Rain…or the Mercury Retrograde

Ive been going at all speeds this past week. I’m so happy to feel healthy again that I’ve been making up for lost time. Spontaneous lunches, actually showing up to bible study/book club, getting assignments turned in AHEAD OF SCHEDULE…signs of the zombie apocolypse?

To be sure.

And this week I’ve been riding the waves of feeling creative, feeling excited and feeling lethargic and anxious…

I have an entire list of adult grown up ass things that must be dealt with and ya’ll…

I don’t wanna.

I didn’t even take out the trash last night for this morning’s pickup.

I don’t wanna.

I finally got my head wrapped around the fact that it is ok for me to spend money and hire a yard guy for the season. I’ve been calling around getting estimates. I want my yard done by the time I get home from my getaway this weekend because Monday night I’m grilling out and soaking up some Spring Break.

I’ve applied for scholarships and requested letters of reccomendation and made up a little resume to send with those letters. I want to submit a piece of writing to this Sigma Tau Delta thing…and that’s taking space in my brain

and right about the time I pull up a blank page on the computer to start writing…flop.

I don’t wanna.

I went out and put onions and seeds for kale and two kinds of lettuce in the garden.

So I seem to be balancing the big things I don’t wanna do with little tiny accomplishments. Hhmmph.

Mercury is in retrograde until the first few weeks of April.

There’s some hullabaloo about it on the web.

I choose to blame all of my apathy, my sloth, my irritants and my sad stuff on that.

you can too. I mean, I think it’s a perfectly good excuse.

stupid Mercury Retrograde.

2 thoughts on “Blame it on the Rain…or the Mercury Retrograde

  1. Today I ordered a new scooter tire and appointment to get it and the oil changed. This weekend, I may tackle painting. Mercury Retrograde that!

    You are ahead on all the things I want to be doing right now but can’t muster the energy for.


  2. One of my aunts recently told her daughter that she wants to be cremated so that she won’t be able to be turned into a zombie. She’s hilarious. I just plan on buying a houseboat and some guns. Zombies can’t swim, you know.

    It sounds like you’ve actually accomplished quite a bit. The only think missing is some writing, and you wrote this post, so there you go. I can’t wait to get my seeds planted. I should have done it weeks ago, but it’s been rainy here most weekends (thank goodness!).


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