Here’s What I’ve Got

  • Finishing up applications for scholarships this week
  • must grocery shop for real, clean foods
  • banking
  • response paper due tomorrow
  • readings due for tomorrow and thurs
  • papers assigned finally, with due dates and found out today a stupid group project for southern women class
  • readings and watching the movie version of A Farewell to Arms before Monday

Mostly just trying to get a grasp on timelines and due dates and things that must be done in combination with both jobs and other social obligations. Must get spare room tidy and clean (it’s not dirty, just a holding space for cats and laundry right now) as I am taking in a boarder at the first of April.

Jumping back into the thick of it and it’s a little wobbly this week for me. I’m ready, though, for the routine. I find my tolerance for things such as people not listening during class, people not responding to my texts, and professors that are completely unorganized is at an all time low. I need to see McCracken, because my neck is just janky. I’ve got a stress knot in my shoulder that is just wrecking havoc, but who the hell has time or money for a massage these days? Pfffft. Not this chick.

Here’s what I’m happy about. The fact that I don’t have heat or air on right now. Just fans and screens open. My lawn is mowed. It’s all weeds and I do believe I will ignore that this year, but they’re mowed. I’m going to fire up my grill tonight. Make some lean hamburger patties to eat the rest of the week and grill some veggies. That makes me really happy.



4 thoughts on “Here’s What I’ve Got

  1. I am sending you the strength a peace of mind to survive the group project. Really, that’s the only place I think you’ll need it. I wish professors would stop assigning those things. I mean they might as well turn to the strongest person (Misti) in the group and say “You! You write an amazing paper and then write four more for fuck ups in your group”.


  2. Turrible. and it’s grad students. two are Asian with little to some working English, one is the student who begins everything she says, and she has something to say about everything with “I used to live in Chicago and …” just to prove that she’s been to bigger and better places than Oklahoma. the other one? the girl who made me crazy from last semester.

    I’m choosing to ignore it. There are enough chiefs in this group.

    I’ll let them fight it out and play my hand later.


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