I shampooed the carpets yesterday at Brokedown Palace. I’ve got the guestroom and floors for kitchen and bath to clean and then I will be ready to welcome my boarder on Monday.

I’ve spoken with her on the phone. I think this is going to be a nice little 8 week thing. She’s got a place that’s NOT an expensive hotel to use as a base and I’ll get my treadmill paid for!

I had no appointments yesterday, so after I finished class I came home and got to work. Worked up a sweat as a matter of fact. Then I got on the treadmill for awhile. I’m ready to work my strength back up. Ready for my legs to not cramp up after 20 minutes. It’ll happen. I’ve started watching Rescue Me while I walk…mmmmmm such a good show. I think it started when my life was exploding about 6 or so years ago, so I missed it completely. I love it. Dennis Leary…who the hell knew???

Today I have clients. HUZZUAH. Blessed for that.

Tonight I have nothing. So, cleaning the rest of the house and studying. I’ve got a big ole test on Monday. I’ve got reading to do. Lot’s of both. Tomorrow is work, and bartending. Sunday, I’m going to meet the NEWLY RETIRED M’Lynn at church, then head to Norman to see Rileygirl in her musical Footloose, Trish has offered to take some headshots for me to use in the upcoming show. I’m going to choir practice with Bonusmom Sunday night so that I can sing with her in the choir on Easter Sunday. Can you believe it’s already here????

I’m gearing up for a busy week. I don’t really have weekends anymore. The Dutchess would be so pleased.

What’s your’s look like?

3 thoughts on “Accomplished

  1. it’s not that kind of cramps. I know about potassium. This is from lack of use, lack of stretching, being completely out of shape. But it’ll subside soon


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