To Do:

it seems like most of the time I use this space as my list of things to do. but it helps me get clear, and see what’s been accomplished and what’s waiting.

my time is quickly running out. I’ve got three rooms, little ones, to get clean before my border arrives tomorrow. I’ve got a huge test that I haven’t studied for yet. But the kitchen is in progress of being clean, the dishes are going, I skipped church today and when I woke up at 7am I decided to get up, feed the cats and go back to bed. My body is tired, exhausted. So…I’m working on it. On all of it.

This afternoon, I’m going to watch Riley in her performance of Footloose. Which will just be fun. Then Trish is going to take some photos for me to use as a headshot for the show that’s coming up. Then back home to do the last bits of cleaning, write a bio for the show and studying. Choir practice at 7pm.

thing is? i could stay on this couch, sipping my chickory coffee with the breeze blowing through the house…I could stay here all dang day.

What’s on your list today?

One thought on “To Do:

  1. I think having your to-do list on the blog keeps you more accountable. I like that resting is on your to-do list. I need that on a list.


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