Aaaaaaaand Scene.

I do believe I’m ready for my boarder to arrive tonight. Floors are mopped, beds are clean and made, towels and wash cloths are clean and in the cabinet. I feel relieved. Now, I’ve got to use the remaining hours before class to clamor around reading and studying for tonight’s test.

I had an amazing weekend. Weekend in the sense that it landed there on the calendar. I was swamped the whole time with work and bartending and seeing my friends kid in a musical and choir practice. It was full, but full of laughter and joy.

I wish I could cut out the scene yesterday during the Footloose musical, where Willard in all his beautiful, sweet shiny voiced glory comes onstage…and Michael and I just lost it. We were holding hands, wiping tears…this kid was delightful. Magical. I wish I could cut that out, and add it to the parts where Riley was her shining star-self, and put that in your dvd players today.

It would start your week out with nothing less than joy abounding.


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