It’s not that I have nothing to say…but I have very little that is awesome and good and uplifting.

I have lots of grinching and worry and cranky that derives directly from deadlines and stress.

It’s best not to unleash that beast.

I’m getting things checked off. One at a time. I can’t believe I decided to do a major creative thing that would take up two weekends with driving during the last weeks of the semester, but indeed I did that. This weekend is Avett Brothers in Tulsa Friday night, then on to Arkansas after the concert. Rehearsal on Saturday. I’ll probably come home on Sunday because of homework. I’m excited to see the fam, and to meet the rest of the cast of the show. I hope they let me in the club despite my not being a mother. I can offer zero input on conversations relating to lactation or placenta eating. None. I can only offer gagging noises. So, hopefully they’ll like me.

I did get an extension filed on my taxes. But that has GOT to get figured out and turned in soon.

We find out in about two weeks from today who is awarded tuition-waivers. I applied for one. Wouldn’t that be grand. I have no idea when we find out about TA positions.

I’m reading Beloved. Its a story that after I read and saw the movie, said I never needed to read again. But that was 20something me. Its interesting, the view from here. But thats a whole nuther post.

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll.


5 thoughts on “Absent

  1. I can’t remember. I don’t think so. I think I read this when I was on my Toni Morrison kick when we lived in Cincy. It’s sooo worth a read though.


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