For the first day in I don’t know how many I had nothing to do. No one to help. No obligations, or places I had to be. Nothing absolutely imminent that had to be finished today.

It’s been bliss.

I bartended last night, got home late, slept in with the cool breeze and the kitties. Glorious. Met friends for brunch and sipped poinsettias and had delicious crab cake and asparagus and eggs and saucy sauce.

Home was a nap that lasted several hours with above mentioned kitties and cool breeze.

It’s a rare moment that I can enjoy, without guilt, some free time.

a rare moment indeed.

How’s your Sunday?

3 thoughts on “Rest.

  1. I thought I’d go see The World’s Fair exhibit at the Nelson, but I never made it out of my pajamas. It was glorious. I watched movies all day, wrote some, and bloodied my hands with beet juice.

    Please tell me that you weren’t drinking poison. Poinsettias can kill you lovely. If you’re still alive, please have a wonderful Monday.


  2. That sounds lovely! it was a glorious day. Poinsettias you silly girl aren’t poison when it’s cranberry juice and champagne. Mimosas are orange juice, poinsettias are cranberry. Slurp.


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