The Last Week

This is the last week of the semester.


Yup. Last week. Next week is finals.

This week I start work on my final paper. It not only is the last paper but it counts as my final in class.

This week is nuts. There’s something on my calendar every single day/night, culminating in the drive to Arkansas and the performance on Sunday that leads us into next week with finals and due dates and then I start my online class the following week.

buckle up.

I planted some four-o-clock seeds this morning, watered the garden, watched Mad Men from last night. Time to get some laundry done and get my room cleaned. I need to vinegar mop the floors. Then it’s time for class.

I’m grateful that I had an easy like Sunday morning Sunday.



2 thoughts on “The Last Week

  1. What does the vinegar mopping do for them?

    I am always surprised when the semester ends so early but when I was in college graduation was around the 10th of May so it makes perfect sense. You’re a winner! Have fun!


  2. I have wood floors in the bedrooms. Vinegar and water is the best way to clean them, imo. plus I need a good scrubbing to get the Kikimama pee smell out of there. oy.


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