We Now Interrupt This Program…

I’m sitting in my mom’s kitchen, drinking coffee, listening to the rain and watching her cook breakfast. I slept like the dead last night. Seriously, I was in bed before 9pm and asleep before 9:30, I’m sure.

My plan was to be on the road back to Oklahoma by now.

But I’ve decided to just pause.

Interrupt all the busy, and the goings on in my brain, and just take this moment and be still. Here. In the kitchen. With my mom and the rain.

Everything will get finished. These test will be taken, and passed. This paper will be written and turned in. My voice will sound all academically smarty pantsy, and all will be good. It will be fine.

Yesterday’s experience was really quite amazing. I was trepidatious going in, but all of the cast was just as warm and energetic and accepting and we were all excited and ready to get this show on the road.

The show iteself, I believe went smoothly. There is a video. It will be posted at some point on YouTube. I’ll let you know when that happens. The audience was full, and generous with their laughter and applause,and oohhh’s and awwwww’s. It was fast paced and before we knew it it was over.

I saw my faces in the audience. My mom, and Bonusmom and Sister. Mindi Laverne got up early after being at the Thunder game screaming her fool head off the night before, and drove the 4 hours in. Cindy drove in that morning from Kansas City. Trish sent the most gorgeous flowers backstage. I was surrounded. Surrounded by these people who not only support and love me, but validate me as well.

As I was standing around talking and hugging, several people came up and doled out accolades. But one particularly tall red headed woman stopped and said, ” I want thank you for your story. Because your story…it my story. I’m so glad you were up there.”

Your story is my story.

Well, whaddya know, eh?

What an honor to have been a part of it. I am profoundly changed by the courage it took these women to write and tell their stories. I cannot wait for it to be online so that those of you who care to, can watch it.

I’m going to finish this coffee, and eat this hot breakfast that was set before me by my mom…and take a few moments to be grateful before we get back to our regularly scheduled program.


One thought on “We Now Interrupt This Program…

  1. Can’t WAIT to watch it!! I’m so glad it went the way you knew it could when you first entered. I’m really proud of you! Love and hugs, A Co-Not a Mother


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