Yesterday I completed my first full year of graduate school.


That’s the craziest thing. But it’s true. I turned in my final paper and a book back to my professor and returned my library books and just like that…finito.

It really didn’t  hasn’t settled in yet. I immediately went and bought some of my books for  the intersession/summer class that starts Monday. Most were at Half Price Books, some I’ll have to get from Half dot com.

Lynn and I treated ourselves to lunch and a viewing of the Hunger Games movie then I drove directly to work for a few hours. Today is a HUGE day, colors, cuts, even a perm in there. It’s a long long one, but that’s ok. I’ll take it. I’ll need the money to pay for whatever repairs my air conditioner and dishwasher are going to require today.

Last night when I got home the house was just soo hot. It stresses me out. Then I went to fix a sandwich and the fridge wasn’t cool…I was immediately freaked. FREAKED. But I must have just left the door open a little because this morning it’s all good. Fine and dandy. I may go ahead and throw out the cheese and milk, but everything else is all good. However, it was almost more than I could handle last night. I medicated, then cooled down with a cold shower and went to bed wet. It’s a great trick I learned from Kizz. My windows were open, and fan was going and I read on my Nook for an hour…I got to read on my Nook! It was bliss.

My next class begins Monday. It’s online, so no going to campus every day. The Beat Movement. I think I’ll like it. The Proff is another one who’s reputation precedes him as just being awesome, so I’m looking forward to it.

I bartend weddings tomorrow night and Saturday night. I’ve got two plane tickets to pay for on top of these repairs, so I’m not going to complain. I’m just not. I’m blessed to have it.

You wanna know what I don’t have? Coffee. I’m drinking the last cup of yesterdays pot…you would think that it would motivate me to get showered and get to starbucks…yet here I sit. The morning breeze is perfect. I’ve got awhile before I have to get up and get to work. I think I’ll just enjoy it.

5 thoughts on “Finito!

  1. Good for you! You find time to blog as well, which I think is amazing. As for that day old coffee…oh, honey.


  2. SOOO glad you left the fridge door cracked and that you got to do some reading on your Nook! One year/two semesters down! That’s fabulous, Misti. I’m really proud of you.


  3. I’m constantly worried about my fridge. I always listen for a change in tune when the motor kicks on and hope that it will give some warning.

    Here’s to you and your first year down! Hey..guess what? You are a grad student. Also? You’re awesome.


    1. Hayden’s birthday trip this year is to Chicago. And then in September I’m going to San Diego for my cousin’s wedding. I’ve got two more that I’d like to take…but so far the mega millions hasn’t hit for me yet.


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