That was one helluva week.

Finals are over. Semester is over. Boom.

My work was stupid busy and the two weddings back to back were super busy.

This morning, I am worn out. My body is tired, my feet are swollen and throbby. I stayed up reading till 4:30 yet woke up several hours ago.

But I think I’ve made enough with this weekend to pay for both plane tickets. This is good.

Where am I going you ask? Chicago in June and San Diego in September. I would love to squeeze in NYC in July but it ain’t happening. Not unless I hit the lottery. Which I did not this week as I bought zero tickets.

This house is kind of wrecked because I was only here to sleep, and there is laundry to be done, and there are dishes that need cleaning. I’ve got tomato plants that need planting. All of this and there’s not a drop of coffee in this house. So a grocery trip needs to happen as well.

Right now, I think I’ll just go put on some clothes and hit a Starbucks. Then I’ll come sort out all of this stuff…I’d like it have it all finished so I can concentrate on reading and doing school stuff for class tomorrow.

But I sure do wish someone would just appear and do it for me.

I’m tired.

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