Various & Sundries Redux

I’ve been up for two hours.

I miss sleeping.

Kikimama is home. Her growth/tumor was huge. The doc said it came out easy enough. They’ve sent it to for tests. He did mention that it had characteristics of malignancy. That’s all they said. Her stitches come out in ten days and I have to give her antibiotics in pill form, twice a day till they run out. She was groggy and in,I assume, pain last night. Still much of the surgery drugs  in her system.  She finally found a spot on my sweater in my big chair and that’s where she is now. She seems more clear eyed.

So, I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s cancer. If it is, is it gone? Was it just some alien thing? No answers just as yet.

In other news:

I got awarded a tuition fee-waiver for next year. It’s a little bit. $1100.00, but it helps. I’m happy for it!

My online class started Monday. I’ve been furiously reading, something that I will be doing daily until the end of this thing. I posted my homework answers and responded to some previous posts of other students. I went back about an hour or so later and IT WAS GONE…yeah. I posted in the wrong group. I was tired. My brain and neck and body was tense and stressed. Lord. I’m glad I found it. Now I’ve got discussion going in two groups that I’m keeping track of!

Grades came out yesterday. Still maintaining a 4.0 grade point average. I’m proud of myself.

Last semester started off with death and another helping of death with a side of drunk escapism and emotional eating. So. The fact that I pulled that off is nothing short of a miracle. I’ll take as many miracles as I possibly can.

My best good friend Trish is moving. This summer. Her husband has been transferred to Panama City, Florida for two years and they’re all heading out to the beach this late July/early August.

I understand the mercurial ways of life. I do. It’s two years. Pffft. A drop in the bucket. And who knows what’s going to happen with my life after graduation…a Ph.D? That means there’s a 99%chance I’ll be moving, too.

However, it still kind of sucks.

I’m trying to figure out how to pay for as much travel as this year is allowing me to have. There are two plane tickets already paid for. There’s a road trip in July that’s forming and the cost will be really really minimal. There’s a reunion in the Fall that I cannot miss out on. I have no idea if my school and work will allow it, since I’ll already be missing some classes for the wedding in September. I really hope so. Really really. Last time I lucked into the best plane ticket pricing ever. I hope that mojo returns. I wish I could just get paid in frequent flier miles.

I’ve got to finish reading GO. This Beat Movement class is making me want a pot brownie. (s).

What else is going on out there? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

3 thoughts on “Various & Sundries Redux

  1. Yesterday, our President (at work) gave the yearly State of the Institute address. He talked about our sister company that was started to get clinical trials for our discoveries going. That sister company is working on a cancer treatment that uses a bacterium to eat up tumor cells. First I thought “where was this 3 months ago?!?!”. But it’s only being used on dogs right now. So far we’ve cured 9 out of 10 dogs with it. Hopefully we won’t need to get Kikimomma on the clinical trial list.

    Mmmm…pot brownies.


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