My emotions were fraught yesterday.

I saw the most horrific case of anti-gay bullying on FB towards one of my college friends, my neighborhood was swarmed by Mitt Romney and his fancy pants fundraising party  a street over.

The President came out and spoke of his personal feelings about gay marriage, and folks, we needed to hear some nice things after that horrifying North Carolina bullshit.

I just…I just don’t understand how people can profess to love in one breath, then spew and support hate in another. I can’t wrap my head around it.

This whole thing, being done in the name of God, makes me sick.

I’m betting it’s making God sick too.

I’m ready for some peace. I’m going to yoga tonight. Hopefully my boarder will be heading back to Arkansas. I need an empty house. I have one bartending shift this weekend, and then will spend the rest of the time reading and doing homework. Hopefully, I’ll get some sleep. . .

One thought on “Frazzled.

  1. I don’t understand it either. Sometimes I wonder if those people who hate like that, look at people like us and can’t wrap their brains around how we can be so open and loving and accepting. It makes me feel sorry for them. It makes me feel sorry for their sad little bity hearts.


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