Aaaaand Flop.

I ran errands like a meth head today. Every single thing on my list got accomplished.

I wore my weight vest and worked on my flower beds and garden for about three hours. I just had not taken the time to buy my ferns, or get the rest of the garden finished out with more veggies and fertilizer and soil. I planted some seeds, four o’clocks, catnip, black eyed susans (which I never can grow, but maybe…fingers crossed)

It feels good to have things spruced up.

It felt damned good to take that weight vest off.

I know that I MUST have burned a billion gojillion calories. And after the two hours of trying on clothes trying to find something to wear to the wedding this weekend…I needed it.

I’m flopping for the rest of the night. I’ve got research and reading to do.

I hope I can move tomorrow.

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