I slept last night.

REAL SLEEP!!! The whole night long. I woke up clear minded, no aching body parts, my legs and hips aren’t cramped up. The ambien that I got from the doc yesterday was either stronger or fresher than what I’d had from mom. It’s a glorious thing. Nothing scary, no crazy phone ramblings, no night eating/walking/rearranging furniture. I just slept.

I cannot wait to do it again tonight.

Today is full of stuff.

I need to hit the hardware store and get some stuff for my garden. My tomatos are looking peak-ed. They should be really pretty by now. My peppers are the same. I think the cats are getting in there and kicking the dirt away from the plants. I need more dirt/fertalizer.

Must pick up a few groceries. Not much. But we’re coming up on a holiday weekend and I should be stocked up on coffee at least.

I need to shop for a wedding dress. A dress to wear to a wedding. Audra is getting married this weekend! SQUEEE! I’ve also got a wedding at the end of June, two in September, one in October. I don’t plan on wearing the same one to all the parties, but it’s clear that I’m going to have to break down and spend some money and shop. LYNN!!!!!! HELP!!!! You know how I hate to do it. 🙂 Good thing I’ve got a personal shopping genius in my life.

I’m heading up to the library on campus for awhile. I’ve got to get some books and do some research for my paper. It’s due by midnight on June 3, but I want it finished way before that. Still collecting information though.

Better get in gear. Giddyup!

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