Wedding Bells and Good Teary Times

Saturday could not have been more perfect.

It started out with, in my opinion, nerves, nerves, nervous nerves and more nervous with just a side of anxiety. We weren’t communicating, my best friend and I, but it worked out beautifully. We banged some hair, we laughed, we ooh’ and aaahhh’d over dresses and shoes and earrings and in the blink of an eye we were in the 9th grade all over again, and then getting ready for high school graduation and running late, and then preparing for my once upon a time wedding, and now, standing in her hallway, banging her hair into a fabulous beehive, I just kept thinking about these moments that we have both been a witness too.

Once I saw her and her groom to be together, and relaxed, and loving each other, being tender with each other, being happy and laughing together, once the getting up in front of a group of people and speaking aloud was over, I had no doubts. This is a couple that is all in. The highs and the lows and the boring stuff in between. They are all in. They compliment each other, secure each other when things get funky, give as good as they get, and really it’s a nice thing to see. My heart felt really good on this day.

There was a lot of emotion. The good kind, the wishful kind, the mourning kind. Cindy and I kind of took turns with the leaking eyes. But there was always always always laughter waiting to follow that up.

Sunday came and we had plans for brunch at 10 am, then plans to walk around Paseo arts fest, toodle around and do stuff, but we threw in the white flag as soon as we finished eating. Home. Couch. A/C. Blankets. Tv.  A whole lot of nothing. We were exhausted. We didn’t stay out terribly late, we just couldn’t really move. Impromptu family dinner happened that also curbed Cindy’s fix for mexican food, hot spicy food, cold mexican beer, SP, Amanda, Joe, Audra, Cindy, myself all around a table, recapping the night, laughing, loving. It was just good.

Cindy and I came back and immediately got back on the couches.

“I’m glad you drove all of this way to be a couch potato all day long. We can get up and go do something if you want”

“Nope. This was perfect.”

It was just what we needed…

I confess I had anxiety about this weekend. I just wanted her to be happy.

Turns out, she is.

I couldn’t be happier.


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