Quiet Time

It’s been so quiet here today.

I went to meet M’lynn at the movies and we saw Best Exotic Marigold Hotel…again. We sat around and had some food court lunch and talked.

I came home and cleaned up, finished putting up groceries, napped a little, watched some tv, this weeks’ Mad Men was stupid good.

I have a paper to write and can’t scrounge up the give a shit to crack open a book. I do have some laundry going and have watered the plants and garden…

I’m listless.

Coming off of a big big weekend, and I’m just kind of listless.

I miss Cindy being on the couch, or looking across the table at faces that I love.

Just one of those nights.

One thought on “Quiet Time

  1. When I got home on Monday, I unloaded the car, ordered a pizza, cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed while waiting for pizza and laundry. Then, it was quiet. I was too tired to do anything and too tired to rest. The house was odd with out the dog. The house was odd without you.

    We really need to work on better/faster travel. Like open a closet door and step through to each other’s house kind of travel.


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