Apocolypse Never

So last night the mother of all hail storms blew threw my neighborhood.

Just like two years ago. Hail the size of softballs…grapefruit even.

I lost my bedroom window.

I lost plants in the garden.

Worse than that…I lost power.

I still don’t have it. 24 hours and counting.

Last night was awful. My candles were all burned down, and because it’s summer I haven’t replaced them. I could only find one lighter. No intertet, or television. No weather. No news. My cell phone was working for texting, but not phone calls…and it was losing battery life. I plugged it into my car which was tucked safely in the garage, but I’d been driving around with the gas light on for…mmmm two days, and that wasn’t working out.

It was just me and the cats.

It was awful.

Being disconnected, in the hot hot house, no way to communicate with my people, fumbling around in the dark…that weather was just scary.

We have all known that I was not built for frontier life.

Last night it became incredibly clear that I’m not built for any kind of apocolyptic world.


Not my forte.

I got my window covered today with Lynns help. I got my car released from the garage with Smurfs help. PseudoSis1 and I went to eat and I’m now camped out on her couch with light and a/c and internet while we wait on the second round of storms to blow through. This set won’t be as bad as last night.  We hope.

I have a goddanged paper to write, ya’ll.

I called my insurance company today and they, after transferring me to several different places, asked me to call back this afternoon. “we have no idea who will be handling these claims.”

My roof is only two years old, but things the size of grapefruit are not flung with the force of Satan from the sky and NOT leave some damage to a shingle. We’ll just see.

I’m tired. I finally took a pill and went to sleep in the guest room for a few hours last night. I hope that when this next round blows through I can go home to restored power.

That’s what I’m hoping anyways.

6 thoughts on “Apocolypse Never

  1. I am so sorry. I lost the rear glass on my car and power for a few hours, that was enough for me. I blame the fact that earlier in the evening I was fascinated by the Amish. Universe’s way of giving me a taste I suppose.


  2. Here’s the deal, when the zombie apocalypse comes we’re meeting up with my friend, Lisa. She’s taken a bunch of kick boxing classes and I’m pretty sure she can start a fire with a magnifying glass. Plus, her husband is an actual rocket scientist. Head toward Colorado. I’ll catch up!


  3. Would completely not survive with you. Irene tested us last year and knocked out our water as well. 6 days. 6 people in a house with one bathroom, (no window so we wore headlamps alot and felt frontier-ish carrying buckets of water to take care of, um, business). Thank you Taco Bell for your sink baths- I now know how to make it quasi homeless. But apocalyptic not so much. We didn’t lose any windows though and I honestly don’t envy you… Hope the window and roof are taken care of fairly painfree and quickly.


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