Hail Damage

I have to get a new roof. New gutters. New window. New paint. New doors to my shed which are falling off.

The insurance adjuster hasn’t given me my estimate for the damage yet, but I’m working already to line up contractors.

I’m lucky to have some connections and have started making calls.

But damn. What a hassle.

I’ve been couchlocked the past two days. Literally spent two whole days laying on the couch watching tv and napping. I’ve got some nagging things in my mind that I need to do, but couldn’t make myself get up and do them. Oh well. I’ll chalk that up to the first two days of my summer break. School is finished for a few weeks. Woot! Still don’t have a grade posted, but I think my proff is at a conference. Who knows.

Lot’s of money issues whirling around my brain. And I’m pretty much ignoring all of them right now.

Chicago trip is right around the corner. I’ve got three bartending shifts before then that will pay for this trip and for Taos.

Have you seen Google today? They have a doodle honoring the opening of the first drive in movie theatre.

I’ve never ever been to a drive in theatre. Just not something my family did. My family wasn’t into movies, I remember. However there is one on the south side of OKC and it’s 6 bucks for a double feature!!! I might really go this weekend! SIX BUCKS??? That’s crazy.

Another storm moving through the metro. My first appointment isnt until 2, so I got up and put my car in the garage. Just in case.

Guess I’ll sit on this couch until it’s time to get ready.

3 thoughts on “Hail Damage

  1. I wrote that show the other day, right? And I’ve done a couple of drafts since. Had a wee setback last night and just before I read this I thought, “It’s a little early in the process to hate everything about the project, isn’t it?”


  2. Your body is telling you something. It’s saying “Misti, you need rest”. So glad you listened. Tomorrow’s entry talks a bit about mind chatter. I think it’s OK to stop and listen every now and then.


    1. Oh it’s not that I’m not listening. It’s that i’m IGNORING. That’s the unsettling part. Of course you have to listen to the chatter…that’s the only way to make it shut it.


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