Fatigue x 2

I’m tired.

Mentally and physically.

This morning, I woke up and fired up the ole FB and was met immediately with hate filled political postings from FB Friends. (I am fully aware of the difference between real in your life friends and FB friends. I hope you do, too.) I mean, this stuff was just awful. There were mentions of physical violence, and just mean spirited comments. It was also posted along side inspirational quotes, and mentions of faith and love and God, and I thought, WHAT THE F am I doing allowing this in my space?

Hide. Delete. Hide. Delete.

I’m a huge proponent of managing your own social networking. Don’t blame. Take responsibility. Don’t be one of those people who whine about FB or Twitter, manage it to be what YOU want it to be.

SO. I did. It didn’t end there, but it does end here.

Mentally exhausting.

I believe we’re here to love and be kind. I believe that the rights of our country have been fought for by countless brave men and women and that they not only deserve my respect and gratitude, but the right to marry whomever they want as well. I believe that people who hate- be it gays, liberals, welfare, skin color, miracle whip or the taste of coconut- in the name of God, are the scariest people on the planet. I’m not afraid to tell you, hide you or delete you if this is the category that you fall into.

I’m so sick of it. I’m sick of people throwing out blanket statements, or lumping together groups of people. Don’t you dare tell me that everyone that believes in God is a “bible thumping tea bagger” or because I believe in equality for men, women, homosexuals, my uterus, your special needs child and Charles Barkley (bless his paste eating heart) that I’m a Godless, tree hugging liberal. We are better than that.

My tolerance for it is gone.

and I’m exhausted.

So, today I controlled my FB wall, I helped my clients, I ended the day with Delb & Co and laughed and talked and counted a few blessings. That’s all I’m doing today.

Happy Friday night, ya’ll.



One thought on “Fatigue x 2

  1. I didn’t see it. Gross. Gross. Gross. Ass monkeys. I told Alex last night there seems to be an invasion lately of hateful people… where they are coming from I don’t know. And how they live every day with that much hate it their hearts… I don’t understand. But like you… I have zero time for it.


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