Here’s What I’m Doing:

Paying bills: YAY. It’s always a relief. I also got one whole medical bill paid OFF

Working weddings: I picked up another one tonight. Yeah, I would really love to watch the Thunder play. It’s the first game of the finals. THE FINALS!!! It’s a big damn deal. . . BUT. . . I’ve got a happy hour tomorrow night with Guyser, and we leave for Chicago on Sunday. I’ll have my phone charged, download the ESPN app, and pocket a little more cash. I talked to Wonderboy yesterday and between the Mmmhmmm’s and the grunts I gathered that he’s pretty excited.

Gathering estimates for repairs: I got my checks from the insurance. It’s time to start figuring out what can pay for who to do what. Darci recommended a guy that rennovated their kitchen, so I called him. He came over last night and I just felt so comfortable. He started shaking his head at the house.” You need all new windows, not just one” –tell me something I don’t know. “You need vinyl siding. This wood won’t even paint, it’s so bad.” –no shit, lamar. “The doors to the shed aren’t a standard size. We’ll have to customize something for you” –nothing about this house is standard. He did some measuring and wrote down some things in his little notebook and as he left he turned to me and said:

“Everything will be alright.”

I could have cried.

He’s going to get back to me and help me figure out how to spread the money I’ve got into the repairs I need.

Getting the house cleaned, floors mopped, laundry finished, starting to pack for the trip…that’s about it. Work, clean, tv, bills.

Don’t be sad for that, though. I’ve squeezed in some fun. Audra, Joe and I went to the Barry Manilow concert last weekend. Spur of the moment, tickets were less than 16.00 a piece and were upgraded to just off the floor seats. We sang every single song, laughed and clapped and glow stick’d our way through the 90 minute set and were out by 9:30. HA! Awesome. It was good for our souls.

Hope you’re doing something good for your soul this week.




2 thoughts on “Here’s What I’m Doing:

  1. I feel a little sad for Barry Manilow that his concert tickets are going for less than $16 and you can get a free upgrade. Happy for you, though!

    I love when someone who has the skills you need reassures you like that. I told Queen Bee this weekend that if she wins the lottery she needs to please buy you a generator. The fancy kind that hooks right into the house so you can charge your phone and have heat or AC and keep your food fresh.


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