To The Brim

We slept late today. Real late. So we didn’t get started out into the world until almost noon.

We headed straight to Portillos. Lord but it’s so good. Locals know it. Which is how I know it. We needed fuel for this day.

Dion and I shared an Italian beef special. Italian beef and Italian sausage with hot and sweet peppers and cheese fries.


Back on the bus we headed out to the Museum Campus area. It’s Illinois Resident week a the Shedd, which means Dion got in free and got us all a fat discount. YAY! It also meant there was a line to get in.

The line was long, and it was hot, but it moved fast!

This elicited more moaning and groaning and end of times prophecy from Wonderboy. This photo pretty much sums up our stay in the Windy City. Beautiful scenery, the city in the background, amazing museums in sight…and flop.

Wah Wahhhhhhhh

I have laughed till I peed. We all laughed.

We love to laugh

Wonderboy decided to continue with making the crazy faces and we got into the museum with air conditioning and penguins and jelly fish and sharks.

Freaky. and Awesome.

It was pretty freakin awesome.

Tonight we came back for swimming, chinese food, cold beer, some cookies and are in disbelief that by this time tomorrow it will all be but a memory.

2 thoughts on “To The Brim

  1. “Dion and I shared an Italian beef special.” This is soooo dirty.

    I don’t know Dion, but the fact that he knows the words to the Three Friends Song and will sing it to you, kind of makes me love him.


  2. I could not love that picture of you and Dion more. I love it when you guys laugh and, frankly, I like him a little scruffy. I’m glad you’ve kept your happy on despite the little downer. xox


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