Home. Sweet. Home.

We got in late last night. It was a full 8+hours of travel. I was nauseous for most of the day…turbulence and I didn’t remember I had Dramamine in my backpack until we got to Denver.

Getting home last night was glorious. The kitties welcomed me back, I laid my suitcase in the living room floor (where it still sits) changed out of my travel clothes, and flopped. I had a huge day of hair banging today, starting at 9:30 am with Abby’s bridal hair run through. This is Wedding Weekend, and festivities begin tomorrow night. Today we worked out Abby, and then banged a little Grandma hair and discussed the M.O.B.’s hair as well as the sisters. Our Saturday morning schedule begins at 10am and we work until we have to leave for photos. Did I mention that the happy couple lives in JERSEY??? This is all a long distance wedding. Seth is from OKC, grew up here, and they decided to have the wedding here.

It’s gonna be fabulous. I’m excited.

Tonight is a critical game for our Thunder. But I was reminded once again while at the grocery store a few minutes ago that this is such a great thing for our city. I had on my Thunder gear, many others did. As I was walking out, a woman probably in her early 60s gave me a sweet little “thunderup!” Unifying the city in a way that hasn’t happened since the bombing. I love that so much it makes me teary. If Miami wins tonight, it’s over. If the Thunder wins, they come back home. I just want them to come back home. Feel the energy, feel the love.

I’m feeling the love of recreating a meal that Dion had for us when we arrived. Cold grapes, wheat thins, sharp cheddar. I have a sour green apple, and more fruit to make a salad like we had there.

I’m loving this couch too.


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