Officially Here

Summer is officially here in Oklahoma.

I say that because the most perfect times of the day are from 5 am until about 8am. Clear skys, beautiful temps (mild 70s) the birds are chirping because they haven’t stroked out from the heat or been caught by my cats, yet. The cats are skipping about. The garden looks so lush and green. I’ve got peppers galore, more squash on it’s way, a rosemary bush that is a sight to behold. My tomatos have yet to start producing. I hear other people are already harvesting. I just think maybe I dont have the tomato growing gene. But we’ll see.

My yard guy ruint my flowerbeds. I had decided to just plant a bunch of four o’clock seeds and bless it and let it all go natural. Someday I’ll be able to really landscape. Time. Energy. But until then, I love four o’clocks. I’d been watching the little baby plants come up, get stronger each and every day…then WHACK. It was a scene from Goodfellas. I was so pissed. Front and back. It’s what I get for hiring some shifty kid from the bar who’s giving me a $25 deal. I’ll be looking for a new lawn service in two weeks. I’m willing to throw another five or ten spot in order to maintain what plantings I’ve still got living.

But on the bright side…I sure do love a freshly mowed lawn. Edged, clean. I love it. I also love not doing it myself. It’s one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself this summer.

Yesterday I slept late…did I tell you I finally moved back to my bed? After the storm that broke out my bedroom window I moved into the guest room. I stayed for probably a month I guess. Mostly just lazy reasons. But I wasn’t sleeping. That room is SO BRIGHT. My room is blessedly, purposefully dark. My bed is squishy and wonderful. That bed is also wonderful but I missed mine. Plus, the frame it’s on isn’t locked so everytime I rolled over (often) the entire bed rolled with me. It was like being on a boat ride at an amusement park. I was not amused. SO, I got my shop vac, and my winterizing tools out and covered the inside of the window with thermal plastic like I do in the winter. Shop-vac’d all the bits of glass. Moved out a janky floor lamp. Viola! I’m still waiting on people to get back to me on repairs. I’ve been fielding calls from a contractor who is eager to help…if the other two I’ve approached keep pushing me back, or just not returning my calls, I’m going to ditch them and go with the eager to help guy. Such a pain in the ass.

Oh yeah, slept late. I did go to the pool for a bit. Macie and I hit up Grey Gardens for really, just a few hours. That’s about all we could stand. I got a bit of sun. Went out to Eischen’s for chicken with my second family. We were celebrating the engagement of one of our friends. By the time I was ready for bed last night I looked like a day-glo shirt from the 80’s. It’s better today.

I’m just really enjoying this last week before class. There are things…financial, paperwork kind of things that I have been ignoring. I’d really love the strength to get through those projects this afternoon. I’ve got some late morning appointments so that’s good.

Have you been watching this whole Today Show debacle play out online? Ann Curry is apparently ousted. The debate as to when, how, who’s replacing her has been burning up the air this week. I’m completely, for years, a Today Show watcher, so this is on my radar. I’ve never thought her a strong enough interviewer or charismatic enough personality to hold the anchor chair. I just haven’t. She’s the perfect sidekick. She does great international reporting. She’s part of the team, but not the team leader. I’ve met her before, standing outside the show and a nicer person couldn’t be found. I just don’t think she’s got the chutzpah to hold the anchor. NBC, apparently feels the same way. She’ll be fully compensated, and will be given a position in the company, so I don’t feel too too badly for her. Personally, I’d like it done and over with before they start covering the Olympics.


We’re in and over the 100’s for the next 7 days. Wherever you are, hope you’re staying cool.

One thought on “Officially Here

  1. It’s gotten hot here too. 100 degrees. It’s like I brought the heat back with me from my last trip to Oklahoma.

    I never grew a successful tomato in Oklahoma. I have one tiny green tomato. Just showed up. I hope that means there’s more to come.

    I’m never excited about the Olympics, but this year I am. Patriotic.


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