Sunday Funday Flop

I enjoy a good Sunday night.

It doesn’t hold the same impending sense of doom that it does for you Normals, because my job/school schedule is so different.

Sunday nights have always been my Saturday nights. A night to go out. Or a whole day to commit debauchery and or sloth like behaviors with no ramifications of work the next day.

This is my final weekend of freedom.

It’s not that bad, it’s just the last weekend without classes, without company or travel or working until August. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for all of the upcoming events on my calendar…but there’s something about a free weekend with no boundaries.

I had planned to spend the day at the Grey Garden’s Pool with my PseudoFam. I slept the  whole day away.

I had a lot of fun with Becks and Ringo and Mike last night. Mike and I stayed up listening to music…mmmm…it was close to 5am when we threw in the towel. So…my plans for today went bye bye as I crashed in my dark bedroom with the fans on me. It felt glorious.

I hate that I missed Sunday Funday.

I have a slight sense of impending doom because class officially begins tomorrow. I’ve got to read Joy Luck Club and write a 250 word response each day. It’ll be fine. But putting my brain back into the school mode…oy.

But it’s Sunday night. I’ve called a pizza. My stories are on tonight and I’m uber excited for the second installment of Newsroom. I’m watering the garden, you should see how pretty it is! The yellow squash is crazy! Peppers galore! Hopefully it will continue to produce.

maybe I’ll run the vacuum before the pizza guy arrives. seems like I should actually DO something productive today…

or maybe I’ll just keep watching the Olympic trials. I’m pretty good at that.

also, I’m looking for a good cornbread salad recipe.

Anyone out there have one?

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