Aaaaaand We’re Off!


Mortgage and most of the bills are paid.

We, Kikimama, Stormy, Sammy and I, are collectively broke ass for awhile.

There’s food in the pantry. Gas in the car. There’s crunchy and moist food for the livestock and toilet paper in the bathroom. Taos money is saved and tucked away as is money for San Diego trip. There are bartending shifts on the calendar for after Taos.

But folks…it’s some slim pickins around Brokedown Palace until August when student loans come through.

School officially begins today. I’ve got to sit down, turn off everything and start reading.

I need to get my taxes together and turned in. Yeah. I know. I filed an extension and planned to do it in June when my life…what? What did I think my life was going to do in June? But yeah. I’ve got to do that, figure out what I owe, start paying on that when the student loans arrive. It’s a Peter/Paul situation over here in that area. I’ve got to make a time to go to campus and talk about money. I have no idea how I’m going to pay for this summer’s classes. I’m going to have to just squeeze it with bits paid here and there until my money for the fall comes along…sigh. Everything is riding on that it seems.

And it’s been making me crazy for weeks. Months.

I’m also trying to get some people to freakin call me back in regards to upkeep and repairs on my house. I got some numbers from Darci’s guy…to replace the entire window, the whole thing mind you, one window was $528.00–that seems insane to me.

I’ve got to get another guy out here to look at it. More than likely I’m going to have to go back to the insurance company and say, I’ve had people out to look, there’s more damage than you gave me money for, bla bla bla.

Also, I fired my lawn guy this past week. Did I tell you that already? He weedeated my flowerbeds. The plants that I was growing from seed…he killed them. Not the REAL WEEDS mind you, just the ones I had planted. He’s an idiot. So I have to find someone else now, which won’t be hard but…one more thing.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is. But maybe you know. Because I’ve been whining about it for awhile now.

Cindy is in NYC this week. I’m so excited for her, and partly jealous as well. I miss the city. I miss Kizz and Talaura. I know this trip holds a lot for her. It was a trip that she and Chris had been planning…4th of July, Lady Liberty…I’m so glad she went. I’m so glad she’s there. I’m so glad that she knows Kizz and has double the love to wrap herself in.

July. July Second to be exact.

Princess Diana would have been 51 years old yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Aaaaaand We’re Off!

  1. We sat in Bryant Park and had lunch then I sent her off to Grand Central. I’ll see her again on Wed if not before. Keeping track of her via social media. Twitter’s new sub title should be: Better than an electronic ankle bracelet.


  2. You will make it. You just will, one way or the other. I know because this is you following your bliss. I do really empathize though. We are about broke too. The job switch involves me skipping a paycheck. It scares me to death, but on the other hand, I am just sure you we will make it too. Have faith. Have courage.


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