Clogged. Cleared.

Do you ever get that clogged up feeling? (no. ew. not THAT clogged up feeling…but yeah, that too)

When there are so many things you’ve got to do, so many things that must be taken care of, and you just feel like drowning?


My car is filthy. My window is still covered in plastic. I have yet to procure a contractor to fix my house. My taxes are still “on extension.” My homework is waiting, and piling up from the holiday/family weekend. My house is dirty.

Lord. Too much. Sometimes it just feels like too much.

Too much started manifesting itself in my lower back about two weeks ago. It came to fruition in the form of an evil spirit living in my body, stealing my sleep, cramping my muscles, clouding my brain.

Sister time helped this weekend. Because I am always one hundred percent authentic and honest with her. She loves me anyway, right? So just getting some time with her was therapy. She looks amazing. Her hard work has paid off and she is just gorgeous, and while shopping with her is enough to force my eating disorder to rear it’s ugly head, I would never take that away. She’s awesome. And inspiring for me to do better, be better, get shit marked off that godforsaken list. As usual, I wish we lived closer. We are the perfect combination.

I went and got a massage this afternoon after they all went back to Arkansas. After that, I drove directly to my chiropractor’s office.

I then went to the store and bought a watermelon, enough salad stuff for the week, and catfood to last through my trip.

I feel like a whole new person.


It seems that once that happened, things started falling into place. I got the quote for my roof, and it’s perfect. Now I can call and line up the rest of the work for my house. Tonight I’m going to post homework and get caught up. Tomorrow is more getting ready for my trip and getting my hair done.

This time next week I’ll have been white water rafting on the Rio Grande.

Life is good…really it is.

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