Pre-Vacay Freak Out

I woke up at about 5am this morning and decided to just get up. My back was hurting, the light on my newly re-wired/hooked up bedroom tv has a light that is constantly on and that had bothered me all night long and I was just uncomfortable. My mind was just insane.

So, as I’ve been getting into the habit, instead of forcing rest, I just get up. I put a towel over the tv. I found some muscle rub and thought to myself “holy hell. you’re using old people creme on your back” and did some stretching. I laid back down for just a bit, and while I had soothed the lighting situation, and the creme turned my back pain into a smelly menthol bliss, my brain was still doing it’s Thunderdome impersonation.

I started checking off the list.

What’s wrong?

I’ve got to go to the bank this morning and get my insurance check dealt with.

I’ve got to get to the campus before 5 and pay my tuition and return library books.

I’ve still got some laundry to finish and the kitchen floor to clean and new sheets on my bed and another two homework assignments to post before I leave on Friday.

Laura is coming by tonight to get the lay of the land before she house-sits for me. Make list of quirky things about the house so her stay is easy.

Pay JT for roof before I leave. (that can happen when we pick up Mindi on Friday night.)

Find someone/find time myself/to mow yard. (this is happening as I type! YAY!)

Now, none of these things are life threatening. Several are, in fact, pieces of good news, projects being completed, i.e. the new roof! Summer school paid for! Two major things that I don’t have to worry about anymore. The other things, will be finished before tomorrow night. Everything will be fine. Taking the time to think things through, piece by piece, to untangle the web of voices, made things easier. I’m still making forward motion, and that’s a win in my book.

One car length a head, just a mile or two faster.

Forward motion.

One thought on “Pre-Vacay Freak Out

  1. Yesterday I got home exhausted and defeated. I flopped down on the bed and took a 45 min nap, but when it was time to go to bed, I couldn’t sleep. Scooter tag, bank account, my ugly yard and filthy house (it’s totally not filthy, but you know) all of these things were conspiring against me. I sat up reading my library book until I finished it around 1 am this morning.

    You’re right. None of these things are life threatening and they’ll get taken care. I think we’re here to help remind each other of that.

    Have the most fun on your vacation!


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