Thankful Friday: Relief and Escape.

I slept last night. Not entirely without some ick, but I got up and rubbed some icy/hot on my back and went right back to sleep. When the alarm went off, Kikimama, Sam and I were one jigsaw puzzle of ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ’s. That hasn’t happened in weeks.

Today, I will go to work and bang some hair on some of my favorite people, leave in the mid afternoon, run some errands, and come home to finish the packing and house details. At about 5:45 I will climb in the car and head west on a fabulous adventure, ending in Taos where I will meet friends from other states and we shall laugh and cry and see in person this incredible support that we have felt over the airwaves over the years.

I am thankful for so many things this morning. This coffee is damned good. The sleep was a beautiful thing. My back is lessening in stress due to my chiro who is working his magic on me daily. I’m thankful for this trip with these fabulous people. We all are bringing something to the circle…stresses of life, moves, jobs, school, bills, children, broken bits of everything…but this week we’re going to throw it all away. We will escape with each other into a place of magic and grapefruit margaritas and green chile and extreme levels of ridiculousness.

I’m so ready for that.

I’m also thankful from the bottom of my heart for Laura, who will be house sitting while I’m away. Caring for the livestock, fresh water, and litter box and garden and flowers and the general well being of Brokedown Palace isn’t a glam job. There is such a sense of relief for me to know that someone will be here.

I’m mentally checking off my list, packing my homework and books, getting the sheets changed on the beds, and I am giddy.

Those are the exact feelings one is supposed to feel on Friday the 13th, right?


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