Just Breathe.

Taos is beyond words. Amazing…awe inspiring.

Yesterday consisted of the whole group getting here, the house getting stocked with provisions and libations. I did some corrective color which took awhile, therefore we were really late getting in to town for food and drink…hindsight we just should have stayed here. The place was crowded, the band was loud, the food was fine but we ate had a drink and came right back to our fabulous adobe hut and put on soft clothes or bathing suits and got into the hot tub under the stars.

Oh the stars…they are so loverly.

Trish and I are up. After only five hours of sleep…wide awake.

All I can hear in my head is Jack’s voice, “Come one let’s go we’re wasting daylight!”

I’m going to get a cup of coffee and go stare at the mountains and breathe.

And tell Jack’s voice to shut the hell up.


3 thoughts on “Just Breathe.

  1. Taos used to be one of our in-between Oklahoma and Colorado stops. It’s really lovely this time of year. Get some bread from the reservation. Enjoy every moment!


  2. Finally had time to sit and catch up on our blogs from the past week or so. I am so glad you have this trip. You work so hard, school and hair and the house. Everyone needs some time to just be without deadlines and responsibility yammering in the back of her head. So glad you are having fun and some tranquil moments all in one trip.


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