United We Stand

I’m excited.

No… like really-woah-excited!

Yeah, it is Friday, but only for the Normals does that mean anything.

I have two bartending shifts this weekend, and I am happy to start working on San Diego Trip funds, but that’s not it.

I’ve got a big paper to research and write, and a handful of assignments to post by Tuesday, but I’m ok with that too, and it means summer school is finally OVER!

Better than all of that?


did you hear me?


Who’s excited with me?


It gives me chills all over when I think about it. I have all of my flags out (truth be told I never took them back in from Flag Day) I’m on the lookout for some Team USA flags. I do have to work tonight, but I’m looking for iPhone apps to watch, my dvr is set, and I’m ready for 17 days of the best of the best being showcased in a city that I’ve always dreamed of visiting.

The thing is, yes. I do get giddy looking at the pretty swimming boys. I do get hopped up on GIRL POWER when I see Misty May-Treanor and Keri Walsh on the volleyball field. I cheer for all of our athletes. I tear up when I hear our National Anthem played and one of ours steps up on that podium. Truth be told…I tear up when anyone wins. What a thing for those kids, right? I love Bob Costas’ commentary and can’t ever go to bed until he tells me goodnight no matter what time it is. I love the behind the scenes stuff that gives us insight into the lives of the athletes and their families back home. I love those random sports that make you scrunch up your nose and go,”SERIOUSLY? THAT???” What makes a kid sit up one morning and say, “Mom, I want to be the worlds best badmiton player, or rhythmic gymnast???” I love seeing my Today Show people doing all of their “let’s try this sport” segments. I love watching the career of my favorite Michael Phelps…I’ve loved him since the Sydney games. I’m beyond excited for Ryan Lochte…I think he’s going to show up in a big, big way this year. I love it. LOVE IT!!!

But I think what I love the most is that for 17 days, we are united. For a brief moment in this calendar year, the ENTIRE WORLD sends the very best of their best, and stops to support them. We are united in our cheering, in our watching, in our successes and disappointments. For 17 days, the focus is on the light instead of the dark. For 17 days, we are united. Can you wrap your head around it? From the most basic, Kobe and Kevin playing TOGETHER on the same team, to countries, sworn enemies in the same space together.

We. Are. United.

Can you imagine if this world were like that always? Every day?

Yeah, roll your eyes at me. I don’t care. Pollyanna and naive? Sure. Admittedly and unapologetically. I need it. I need the light to win, even for a finite time. I need to see the joy and the hope and the excitement. I need to see the world in a happy place. And I think you do too. I think we all do.

The world rolls on, bills pile in, cars break down, kids get sick and the scale goes up. It’s all still there. All of the ick and the muck. I know that it’s still going to be oppressively hot and gross as The Heat Dome presses down. But for the next 17 days, at Brokedown Palace at least, Joy Rises.

Now. Come on! Who’s with me?



5 thoughts on “United We Stand

  1. Me too. In. I love the Summer games. Pops has a tv up there. I don’t know why he doesn’t bar mount it. I can already hear Chi bird say no. It would be fun. It’d keep the groomsmen in the bar buying drinks during football season fo shizzle.
    I need some facetime. I might just raid the bar tonight… crash the wedding. I need a hug. Miss you. Love you.


  2. We don’t have local channels sonwon’t get it. I think we are going to go over the pasture to Rubilee’s and watch it on her TV tonight and then just try and get the a few evenings here and there. It will be the first time Bell has seen the Olympics.


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