So. My phone got stolen from the wedding I was working last night.

There are many a good hearted souls working together to make a plan.

I have an emergency phone but seriously it’s emergency only.

I will be carrying my computer with me to work and keeping it plugged in for email/facebook contacts.

my salon number is 405-608-0692

I will be there all day.

I have the iCloud app. I can see where my phone is. It’s in the deep deuce apartments absolutely directly across the street from the law offices where M’Lynn just retired from.

It’s only a phone.

I can’t replace the iphone. It’s too expensive and absolutely irresponsible for me to spend that kind of money.

But offers to help are coming in. I have the Best Buy insurance and I’m not sure if that covers loss/theft or not but it’s worth a shot. I don’t know if the police deal with stolen phones but that too is something we’re looking into.

I don’t have much time until tomorrow to commit to this, so it maybe have to wait. Which makes me a little nuts.

But apparently I need a lesson in patience.

It’s just a thing. Things are replaced.

My last thought before I went to sleep after 3am this morning was…I bet those kids in Aurora wish their only worry was a stupid stolen iPhone.

I’m keeping that in my brain today.

My heart, however,  is plotting revenge. And maybe setting something on fire.


7 thoughts on “SERIOUSLY???

  1. I am sure Jack would help you with revenge. I hold grudges better than he does, but he is good with creative revenge. In all seriousness, this stinks for you and it is a rough way to begin your weekend. Sending calm, wisdom, and peace your way.


  2. I would like to propose we start a fund for your new iPhone Misti. I will personally pledge $20 right now. After all, what are friends for? I can only imagine there are at least 40 other of your closest friends who would do the same for you, oh wonderful friend of ours who keeps us all entertained with your posts. Love you Misti!
    PS. I have friends in low places if you really want to plot revenge!


  3. I have a baseball bat. Want me to go to the apartment and get your phone? I’ll take Jen Tucker for backup. And wear my deflector bracelets.


  4. Hey Misti, I have an iPhone you can have, but the screen is shattered and needs to be replaced. Let me know if you want it, and I’ll hustle up to Quail Springs to get the screen fixed.

    Miss your face!


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