Random Bits

1) my phone got stolen.

2.)my phone is being returned. I hope to get it today. It’s a long story and I’ll write about it eventually.

3.) my taxes are finished and I completed my FAFSA, though not on my computer because I’m using the most current OS from Apple and apparently they aren’t compatible yet. I’m still absolutely nervous that I waited too late and won’t get awarded any money. But I’ve done everything I can and hopefully when school begins in three weeks I will get to begin with it.

4.) I’m pretty sure that my 4.0 GPA went to shit this summer with this last class. I’m tired. It was online and those classes do nothing for me and I got lazy. I’m trying to look at it as a pass. Less Pressure to be Perfect. I wrote it on the wall.

5.) I started my Dream Wall. I’m liking it.

6.) Trish is leaving next week. I cant even—

7.) Haven’t done much in the way of searching for a therapist/psychiatrist but have been getting everything from eyerolls, to “that never helps” to suggestions of names. There has been one that has bubbled to the top that I’m going to look into at some point.

8.) It’s too hot to do anything. Certainly too hot to cook. I’m over it.

9.) The stress of all of it was just almost too much this week. I’m just praying for the financial aid to come through.

10.) Five years ago today I said, “enough.” I had stayed awake all night waiting for ExHim to come home, as I had done every night for four years previous. I was done. I left. I have been single for five years. Sometimes I wonder if that’s it. If this is the path I’m on forever. If it’s a choice between that and this…I fucking chose this time and time again.

7 thoughts on “Random Bits

  1. Eyerolls and “that never helps”, huh? Hmmm. Biting tongue. (OUCH!! God damn!)

    The receptionist at my office was at the wedding you tended Saturday night. She said you were cute and fabulous!

    A better week is on your horizon, Misti Kae. Can’t wait to hear the story of the prodigal phone! You are Loved!!


    1. Some were outright against it. Which I found shocking. Some were offering their stories as a cautionary tale. Whatever. I’ll find my person.

      That Saturday wedding was FUN! I knew several of the guests and it was just a rockin fun night. Glad your friend had fun, too!

      Love you back!!!


  2. We’ve come a long way baby. I remember that day well. We used to sit on bar stools and therapy the shit out of ourselves. I support you in your quest to find healthier ways to do this. We’ll still need a bit of bar stool time or front porch time… but that is coming. Praise you for mounting your own taxes. I lay on the floor and cry when I think o having to do my own. Then I go bribe my Uncle Tax Accountant with cupcakes. Grades are one way of measuring success… but what is filling up your head and the dedication to your own education is another. You get all A’s for your efforts towards moving forward and making a better life. I love you. I miss you. I keep saying that outloud when I write it hoping you will just appear in a poof in front of me.


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