I’ve done very little today…I had a huge list and crossed off all of maybe three things…mostly this weekend was spent soaking up precious time with friends.

Delbert kicked some serious butt in her body competition on Saturday. So So SOOO proud of her!

Trish’s surprise birthday party went off without a hitch on Friday night. She was really surprised. It as a lovely thing for her hubby to put together and I was happy to be a part of it.

Sunday was spent soaking up the last minutes of time with her and her girls. Rileygirl was in a show and we spent the afternoon singing and laughing and watching the kids perform one helluva production of Crazy For You. I spent the night with them and we just talked and ate pizza and looked at all the boxes. There was no tearful goodbye. Just a quick hug and a talk to you later. I think she’s heading out tomorrow if everything falls into place with the movers and her car.

One of the perks of one of your best friends moving to Florida? Getting all the stuff from the freezer/cabinets/fridge/garden that she didn’t want! I’m looking on the bright side.

Things have fallen into place over here.

Student loan monies are here, there are some loose ends that need tying up and that’ll happen tomorrow. I’ll be ready to start my final year of master’s program on the 20th.

Between now and then here’s what needs to happen:

Get window fixed at Brokedown Palace

Get oil changed in car

Shop for health insurance

Get invoice for roof and send to insurance company

Put taxes together and organize office for fall semester

Set fall semester hours at salon

Check into buying a window unit for my bedroom

Get summer time flea/tick meds for August on the cats

Get eyes checked and new script for fresh contacts

Find someone to mow the backyard

Pull out the old stuff from the garden and prep for fall crops

I thought I’d get a goodly amount of those things crossed off the list today.

That did not happen.

Today was reserved for naps.

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