A Day In The Life

So, my mom has fractured her hip. She took a fall last week, and we’re now waiting on an appointment with an orthopedic guy to see how she proceeds.

My car quit on me as I was returning library books yesterday to campus. It was 110 degrees.

After several texts and phone calls from Sean Patrick who was calming me and guiding me via the cellular waves, I got it jumped from campus police, and made it to Wal Mart (where I was going next to get an oil change, etc) where they had to replace it completely. Thank God for it being under warranty.

While I was waiting, I got the best pedicure of my life, did some grocery shopping, got all my school supplies for the last year of grad school, a monsoon of a thunderstorm blew threw OKC metro. Some neighborhoods are out of power. I feel for them. With my whole heart. But we got a lot of rain, and it cooled the temps down to 82 degrees. Seriously.

I’m reading. Lots. Trashy stuff, fun stuff. Whatever. As I see my books arrive for the fall semester, I wonder how I’m going to get it all done. Lord. But I’m getting excited. Truly.

The weekends from here to eternity are booked with bartending shifts. San Diego trip is around the corner, Harvest Fest is right behind that during Fall Break. So, it’s nice to be able to work for trips.

My brain just fizzed and shut down. I’ve deleted paragraph after paragraph. Apparently I need to quit, get more coffee and call it a post.

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