Good News and Keeping Calm

Mom’s hip is NOT broken. It’s torn a bit, but requires no surgery. Just the use of a walker for stability and allowing it to heal. WHEW. That’s brilliant news. I know she’s banged up and bruised and feels like hell, but the thought of hip surgery was putting some wicked stress on her, so I’m thankful that’s out of the picture.

I’ve got to take the GRE.

I didn’t have to take it to get into my masters program. But it looks as if I’ll have to take it to get into a ph.d program.

I am overwrought with anxiety about this.

But I have sent out the call, and am getting great information in regards to prepping for the test. There’s a Kaplan Prep Class that is stupid expensive, but is really really thorough. My friend Lilli said she would’ve never gotten into grad school without it. I’ll have to take the test sometime in October, in order to get results back and admissions into programs by the deadline of December 15th, 2012.


That’s where my brain is focused right now.

I don’t really have test anxiety. But this one is kind of a big damn deal. I want to do well.

Have you taken it?

What’s the last standardized test that you took?

What’s your brain focused on this week?

5 thoughts on “Good News and Keeping Calm

  1. All the study books have a list of vocabulary words. Write each one down on an index card with the definitions and place them all around the house and at work. Every time you come across a card, take a minute to study it.

    The GRE is scary (I won’t lie), but not as bad as you think. You’re going in way more prepared then I was. So, you’re already ahead of the game.


  2. I’ve just printed off five pdf files of vocabulary plus quizzes. I’m looking at taking it in October, probably again in November. I cant figure out if the online tests are all the time, or specific dates like the paper ones. It seems that I’ll only have time for an online prep course, as the in class course that happens this fall is at the same time as my literary criticism class.

    However. I feel somewhat peaceful about this.

    also, I can’t quit focusing on Vanderbilt or UT in Austin…hmmmm


  3. It wasn’t that bad. That’s the last test that I took. Wish I would have studied more but didn’t study at all and got into school. K Reed brought over some math books the night before and I crammed a bit. There are GRE prep books that would be way cheaper than the study course. Those are ok but you can do just as good on your own with the materials. You will do fine. Take some ear plugs. Some dude got up and started screaming in the middle of mine. Had to be escorted out of the test room!! 🙂


    1. Taryn, there was guy sitting behind me trying to figure out one of the critical thinking questions out loud. “If Sue is on the field then Mary can’t be, but Jenny has to be…ah Fuck”. it was hilariously awesome.


  4. I have never even taken the ACT. I graduated college and still never. We started JuCo is high school… so I never took it. They just assumed I had. George Roper found the error once and we had a good laugh. Here’s wishing for you to find a George and if you don’t… you’ll still do great.


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