Woke up to glorious weather this morning. GLORIOUS. I turned off the a/c, opened the doors and am sipping coffee in a morning breeze. Every morning should be this way. It makes all the difference in my mood.

Since I banged every single head of every single client last week, this week has been light. And I’m ok with that. People are gearing up for school, there are things to be done, rescheduling, all of it. That being said, I’ve just got one haircut with Bonusmom mid-morning, and I’m ok with that.

Good news for Mom’s hip. No surgery! It’s a little fracture, she’s to stay off of it, use the walker, and manage her pain, and it will heal on it’s own. Thankful beyond measure for the no surgery! WOOT!


There’s laundry to be done, and the back room needs organized and cleaned. Clean sheets on my bed. It will feel good to get that finished. I think, too, that I’ll take today to do some garden work. My peppers are still going, but the rest of it needs to be cleaned out. Most of all, I’m going to go see Audra’s new house! They’ve been busting their humps to get moved today. I’m so thankful that the temps are agreeable for them on this final day. She’s got a brand spankin new grown up house. I couldn’t be more happy for her and Joe. I love this life they’re carving out for themselves. You know that stock phrase that parents say…”I just want my kids to be happy”…well I have always just wanted her to be happy. Wholly happy. It does my heart good to see her in this new life. It means I get less time because she’s got someone to share it with, and that is as it should be. If I didn’t love Joe so much, I’d be jealous. As it is…I feel just like a proud parent.


In the spirit of getting things marked off of my list, I had contractors out to the house yesterday. There is still hail damage (not talking about my thighs here, folks) that needs fixing. After some looking and talking we three decided the best thing is repair a few little things, then put the rest of the money into ALL NEW WINDOWS!!!

I’ve been trying to get this done since I bought the house almost five years ago. I am so so so happy. It’ll take two weeks to get them in after ordering, then just a day to install. I’ve only got 8 windows, so hopefully it’ll be an (dare I say it?) easy job. I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like this Fall, with my windows OPEN, then in the winter, when I don’t have to cover them in shrink wrap to keep the heat from escaping. Lord. So excited.

These things make me happy this morning. I hope you have some things that make you happy too. Take a minute and think about them. Quit grumbling. Quit thinking about how it works out for everybody except for you. Just Quit.

And think about what makes you happy. . . for just a minute.

Glorious, isn’t it?

One thought on “Glorious

  1. We both are blogging about happy.
    Its a Snoopy dance kind of thing… happiness is….
    and that my dear is a good thing.
    Make it by soon.
    I love you and I miss you.


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