These Are The Days of Miracle and Wonder

There are moments in life, that just add up to magic.

That is the only explanation.


And if we’re lucky, if we are really good and we brush our teeth and floss and wash our make up off and do the dishes and take out the trash on time and make sure that the vegetables in the crisper don’t rot before we eat them, and then actually eat them, if we are really really good…perhaps…

We get just such a moment.

It’s such a crapshoot, really, because who, if they are brushing their teeth and flossing even and washing with the expensive face wash, and remembering to do the dishes and get the crusty bits off BEFORE loading the dishwasher, and taking out the trash, and passing up that mac & cheese for an extra helping of turnip…WHO has TIME to be aware that they are in the middle of a magical moment?

Some days it’s just a win if I have a pillowcase.

However, on the off chance that one of the voices in my brain has done their yoga, and is all zen’d out, and happens to be driving the bus that day, moments of magic seem to be all around.

This is a weekend of magic. Lucky for me, I’ve won the game of craps, and am aware.

Oh am I aware.

Tomorrow night, two people, that I have known for the majority of my life, are pledging to love each other and be best friends forever.

I will go to my hometown tomorrow and hang dresses of silk and taffeta and sparkle, I will do the hair of women and children that are my heart, I will slip into shoes that may or may not kill me and whoever I take down in the process…

but I will be there.
in the thick of it.

relishing in the love, knee deep in a bliss that began over twenty years ago.

It gives me hope.

Just that…

It still happens.

I am in the midst of miracle.

and wonder.

and magic.


3 thoughts on “These Are The Days of Miracle and Wonder

  1. All the memories… junior high, high school, her disappearance, the reunion… her reappearance, that apology… he was so worried, all the crazy with her crazy, her body!, and today…
    Front row seats! It is magical!
    I am most excited that I will get to have too a vast majority of people I love and like under one roof. That is magical too. Can’t wait!


  2. I’m singing Paul Simon now. Let’s make a list of good things that happened this year, because for some reason all I can think of are the crappy things of this year. Let’s make that list of good bigger than the crappy things. This goes on the list for sure.


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