Reality: Bites So Good

The wedding was wonderful. The day of getting ready was fun, and full of music and laughter and hairspray. The venue was gorgeous and candle lit. The room was full of friends, smiling with support. As the bride walked down the aisle to her groom, I was immediately back in high school, and we were children, giggling and getting ready to “go out” and talking about who we liked, who we wanted to see. Double dates and late night girl talks that ended with

“I love Vernon.”

And Saturday night, they stood before all of us and told each other that they still loved each other, and that they always would, and they kissed and we clapped and the party began!

Save one tiny blurp with the photobooth malfunctioning and the kid working the even being a total assbag, it was a night of perfection.

The new Mr. and Mrs. dropped by last night, retrieving the bits and pieces of theirs that I got home with, taking home a container of homemade soup that I made yesterday, leaving me some wedding cupcakes…and we were just worn out. Exhausted.

It was a love hangover, to be sure.

Reality sets in with today, school, classes, research and studying for me. I take the GRE tomorrow. I have to be at the test site at 7:30 a.m.

I know I’m going to take this again. I’ve planned it that way. But it would be amazing if I could blow it out of the water and not really have to, wouldn’t it? I got my subject test scheduled officially. I had to switch locations from Stillwater to Weatherford, which sucks for my birthday celebrations that were going to happen afterwards, but whatever. I would just make poor choices for my life if I were in Stilly. At least it’s scheduled.

After the test tomorrow, I do my provision shopping for Harvest Fest, and home to ready the house and working on getting homework and projects posted for my online class.

Thursday we leave, bright and early and head for the mountain, where friends will meet up, set up our commune, and listen to some music for three days.

That kind of reality, does not bite. Not at all.


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