Freaky Friday

I’ve been behaving like a 16 year old girl this week.

Staying up late on school nights, putting off homework until the wee hours of the morning…because.

Listening to music and burning cd’s and daydreaming.


I think I’ve Freaky Friday’d with someone’s kid. Anyone out there have a daughter that is unexpectedly grown up…wait wait. You probably can’t tell the difference. Nevermind.

I’m not mad about it though…

Yesterday at work tried to eat me. 10 clients. 10 hours of work. No time to pee. I finally ate my apple I brought for 6:30 pm. But I’m not going to complain. I’ve been living like I have all kinds of financial security, so it’s time to get back on the horse. So to speak.

Tonight I get to see my family and my boys and hang out at The Frontier under the stars.

I betcha I wish on a shooting one tonight.

My wish is to still be the 16 year old…but with a little more sleep.

Happy Friday ya’ll.



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