I can’t believe it’s been so many days since I’ve written and posted. I can’t imagine what’s kept me away from this place…heh heh heh.

Life is good here at Brokedown Palace.

I presented my first paper at my first conference this weekend. I had great support with my school partner in crime, and a steady flow of texts from Mark, sending me calm and cool thoughts. My presentation was ok. I think it was rushed. I followed a girl who read her paper word for word. Even managing to mispronounce many of those words. ??? Seriously??? So I think I err’d on the side of going too fast, trying to interject some energy back into the room. Whatever, it was fine and dandy and it’s done and I have that under my belt and on my CV. Done diddly done.

This week is study for the Subject GRE which I’m taking on Saturday. It’s writing a paper tonight to turn in tomorrow. It’s keeping afloat and focused. It’s VOTING on Tuesday. Lot’s going on, and managing to continue to navigate the Happy at the same time.

It’s getting a little easier, that part.

“We’re going to have to be judicious about the time you spend not studying this week.”


I’ve met his people. His tribe that sustains. This next week he will begin to meet mine. I’m excited for that and I know that you will love him, too. Everything is just good.

So that’s where I am today. On the couch, I’m about to finish this book on the Indian Captivity Narrative and write a book review paper about it. Michael is coming over for SOA and some supper. I’m going to make Cindy’s apple sausage/cabbage/potato slurry. I cannot wait.

Hope your weekend was perfect.

Mine was.

Just perfect.



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