Eye of the Tiger

Two Weeks.

We are down to two weeks of scheduled class time.

One week of finals.

I have a paper due this Friday. One due the following Wednesday, then two finals the Wednesday after that.

Yesterday I filled out the paperwork and submitted it for proper signatures. Tomorrow I’ll pick it up from the Dean’s office and jump through the final hoops to finish officially enrolling in my final semester. I filed for graduation while I was at it yesterday, as well. It’s a lot terrifying. But I’ve packed everything I owned into a Toyota hatchback and moved across the country to live and work with people I’d never smelled before, so I got this.

Today I finish the first paper. I did a rough draft before Thanksgiving and it, quite frankly, is awful. I don’t know how rough the professor had in mind when she made that assignment, but looking at it yesterday, it was rough enough for me to start fearing for that grade.

I’ve got sheets off the bed and into the laundry, the livestock fed, coffee made. I have a webinar for LTYM at noon, and must hit the bank and grocery so I will eventually leave the house. Maybe here in a minute so that I can get back and get settled in to write. I want to make some chili. . . perhaps some sweet potato/black bean…perhaps some just normal chili. We’ll see. I left my crockpot at Marks last week, which feels odd when it comes to making soup. I’m so addicted to that thing. Anyways, that’s what’s going on over here.




Eye of the Tiger…it’s my theme song today. It’s my motto.

5 thoughts on “Eye of the Tiger

  1. “Filed for graduation”

    ‘Cause you’re bad ass awesome. Just remember to breath during the next few crazy weeks and know that everyone is so proud and in awe of you.


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